crush of the week

I've been feeling pretty smug of late about not really wanting to buy anything. This is what an excess of sunshine can do for a girl - not that there is any such thing as an excess of sunshine. But then this happened, and it coincided with the sudden season change to rainy cold, and here I am again after things. Prepare yourself. These are so awesome. Having just invested in vile practical school boots for Pablo, instead of the lovely suede ones that Konch deemed completely impractical (ok, he was right, but I haven't recovered), I am keeping all eyes out for the "off-duty" shoes I now have an excuse to buy. French label Feiyue have come to the rescue with these badass tiger sneaks, in collaboration with Milk On The Rocks. Β£60 (eek!) from the divine Scandinavian Minimall. A must for any rad 4 year old boy...right?