Crush of the now


I seem to be a bit fickle with my lust for new things - sometimes there are so many gorgeous things out there that I could post ten crushes a week, but then…nothing…for months. Or I suddenly decide I just don't really want any new things, apart from a very very VERY long holiday in Mexico. So this can become Crush of the Now… for whenever I see something I can't resist. 

At the moment it's What Mother Made - totally handmade and totally gorgeous kids clothes. I had an extremely hard time resisting some of their last collection on my weekly visits to Mother's Hub (E17 folk - beware, if you visit, it's FULL of irresistible small clothing), but these new Spring/Summer bits may be more than I can bear. Little colourful dungarees and crazy pantaloons that are perfect for summertime adventures. Now to find them in my size….

crush of the week...

Just been sent the Bobo Choses AW 13/14 Collection preview, and already want loads of it. The big sweatshirt dresses are completely dreamy. Might skip the leather trousers though... 

crush of the week...

Bit of a lull in the Crush of the Weeks of late, as I read Hattie's amazing blog Free Our Kids and decided to stop being such a wanter of things! And actually it worked, and I haven't wanted or bought much for a few weeks now. But this blog is a bit overburdened with pictures of cakes and babies if I don't publicly desire some gorgeous stuff once in a while, so I've forced myself to get back in the saddle.  

Ok, so it's another mum and baby matching outfit post. I KNOW - I need to stop. I am not sure it's a good or a bad thing that all of the gorgeous bits of clothing I stumble upon for Indy are magically available in my size too. I've been in love with Beatrice Valenzuela's stuff for ages (and totally follow her rad looking life on Instagram) but just recently re-stumbled across it and remembered how badly I want want want it. All the shoes are handmade from naturally dyed animal skins. I'm all about these ladies' 'Botines' and some hightop 'Combinados' for the kids please. Please?


crush of the week

Dyeing of love (see what I did there?) for these beautiful little jumpsuits and culottes from Wolfechild. Is $58 for some dip dye culottes a little silly? fact, in my world, it's a lot silly. But aren't they beautiful!? When I next have acres of uninterrupted spare time, preceded by a full night's sleep and the foresight to buy all the materials, I absolutely plan on forging ahead with some home made ombre jumpsuit creation. Watch this space.  

crush of the week

ALARM....oh so many alarms....the new Mini Rodini collection features a tiger print skirted swimsuit. It's not cool that someone of my age get this excited about tiny swimwear. Also adoring this little t-shirt. Both added to my wish wish wish list.

available from Shak Shuka 

crush of the week...

Alarm - the new Bobo Choses collection is out and obviously I adore it... I can't work out what it is that they always get so right. It's a lovely mix of design and comfort with nostalgia (for me) and genuine childishness. Dreaming of having it all...

It was pretty much impossible for me to narrow my crush down to these six items, the rest is almost-just-as-gorgeous. Available now from Bobo Choses, Shak Shuka and more.

the little sew and sew


I made some little moccasins for Indiana! It's my first attempt and I'm rather smug about the results. After some wrangling with the sewing machine tension it was a lot less tricky than I imagined. Going to make a zillion more pairs when I can next rustle up the time. Many thanks to my mama for helping to draw the pattern, which was loosely based on one I bought from i think sew about a year ago and have been aching to use since then. 

crush of the week...

Thank you magical Pinterest for drawing my eyes to this little beauty. Well, thanks & no thanks - because it's sold out, and I can't much decipher how much it was anyway. But isn't it the dreamiest?? Anything alpaca is always so soft and snug...and the lining! Swoon...

From Japanese shop  Antena .

From Japanese shop Antena.

crush of the week...

Awesome magical tights for littles from Hansel from Basel. Pixies and pom poms! 

L: $23 & R: $31 (eek!)