sunday sunday

We're all gross and ill with a weeklong coughing sleepless snot bug that has deprived me of three best friends' birthday bashes thus far. The weekend was a lot of recovery and cosying down away from the rain, watching Star Wars and eating biscuits... but we managed an escape for a birthday roast at The Talbot as I'd had to miss Leonie's proper 60s themed bash the night before. Thanks, snot. Not. It was a lovely catching-up-with-old-friends, I-can-use-my-cold-as-an-excuse-to-drink-bloody-marys (vitamin C! antioxidants! vodka!) type of day. The Talbot staff were bend-over-backwards helpful and the squids were made very welcome. Food was scrumptious - lovely medium rare beef, all the extras (and double  yorkshire pud that was no trouble at all). Gorgeous, crisp sunny walk back to Leo & Leonie's new house to ogle their sexy 6-burner range and yellow vinyl floor, and completely overindulge in Katie D's mega carrot cake. Cold and slightly queasy bus journey home was worth it.