circus hell

I'd promised Pablo a one on one outing as a treat, as I'd spent all week on cakes and decorations and not had any time for him. Zippos Circus was in town and seemed like an excellent idea at the time. I could not have been more wrong. Apart from the three hours of sleep I had managed after a rather large birthday party the night before, I had no idea that Zippos Circus is, essentially, awful. NEVER GO. There was one vaguely amusing clown but aside from that it was totally tedious and vaguely sinister. The crowd was mainly depressing, disinterested dads who stank of ashtrays and their ignored, slightly bored offspring. After the initial excitement of the big top and a bag of haribo, Pablo started begging (BEGGING) to go home. The whole thing was in the middle of a swampy field that also ruined my shoes. By the end I felt like weeping, and Pablo was.... Recommendations for circuses that are actually good would be so welcome!