Happy Birthday Edie

incredible monster cake by Edie's mama Hannah, complete with lollipop eyeballs galore

incredible monster cake by Edie's mama Hannah, complete with lollipop eyeballs galore

Two little parties for Pablo's best best best friend Edie, one after school cupcakes in the park and the other a superhero pizza party at the Vestry House Museum. Supermen everywhere, and a rare opportunity for Pablo to scamper about with his lovely Montessori pals. Happy 4 beautiful Edes!


The weather has been coldish but blue skies. New York is underwater but here the rain has only been a sprinkle or so at nighttime, so we are sort-of puddle free and can make plans that involve being outdoors for longer than a commute. In keeping with project Half Term Fun it was off to Brockwell Park for very overdue catch up with Naomi and my gorgeous godson Sonny, and Alexa and her cheeky cherubs Rose & Dylan. We never did manage more than 3 minute stretches of any conversation without some kiddo or other needing attention, but Pablo had a ball. The playground there is spectacular, and he loves Sonny to bits - I even caught him calling his cars "Pablo" and "Sonny" in the bath tonight, and sending them on all kinds of wild adventures. Too cute. 

by the power of greyskull

Ultimate treat - shakshuka brunch at Ottolenghi with a friend who's 38 weeks and in need of my stash of baby naming books (and Indy's tummy tub, which she's long since outgrown and has been doubling as storage for her toys.... I now urgently need storage for her toys!!) Did some Christmas stocking shopping at After Noah and grabbed Pablo a plastic sword for a bargainous Β£2.99 as a thanks for his recent total loveliness.


He's the least aggressive boy in town but VERY keen on pirates and superheroes and make believe, and he adored it. The rule of not actually hitting anyone with it, and especially never pretend-attacking Indy, has sort of mostly been obeyed. I got a lot of dirty looks in the park, which made me feel a bit sad. Isn't a toy sword the oldest concept around? Wouldn't he just fashion one from a stick regardless? Is modern life in London really that depressing that a three year old with a plastic sword is bad taste??