indiana's christmas wishes


What every almost-two-year-old requires from Father Christmas...

1. The blanket of dreams to go on her new 'big girl' bed... by Roxy Marj

2. A book that looks suspiciously like it might be about her... Wild by Emily Hughes, Β£11.99 here

3. The means to dress up like Marie Antoinette in this princess dress... by H&M, Β£34.99 

4. These rainbow boots that I actually want for myself... by Nathalie Verlinden from Sugar on Snow

5. A Fisher Price record player so she can spin me some tunes during our daily dance offs... available on ebay

6. A new winter hat to keep her head warm whist she plots her next adventure. One with fur ears seems reasonable... 29 euros from Bobo Choses

And... this completely beautiful cherry play kitchen  in which to whip up some treats for her mama, $289.99 from Palumba