Crush of the now


I seem to be a bit fickle with my lust for new things - sometimes there are so many gorgeous things out there that I could post ten crushes a week, but then…nothing…for months. Or I suddenly decide I just don't really want any new things, apart from a very very VERY long holiday in Mexico. So this can become Crush of the Now… for whenever I see something I can't resist. 

At the moment it's What Mother Made - totally handmade and totally gorgeous kids clothes. I had an extremely hard time resisting some of their last collection on my weekly visits to Mother's Hub (E17 folk - beware, if you visit, it's FULL of irresistible small clothing), but these new Spring/Summer bits may be more than I can bear. Little colourful dungarees and crazy pantaloons that are perfect for summertime adventures. Now to find them in my size….

Saxon's very first wishes

The imagined desires of my few-weeks-old nephew

1. Lovely, healing, natural bath soak for mama - Vital Touch Natalia New Mother Bath Soak £14

2. Ingenious invention to turn any top into a breastfeeding friendly top - Breast Vest £15

3. A little outfit for the babe that's a bit of a treat for you both - Oeuf NYC Superhero jumpsuit

4. A very first BFF from Polka Dot Club 

5. Nice comfy changing mat, since he'll be spending so much time there - Farg & Form, £38.50

6. No such thing as too many blankets - Zebra quilt by Ketiketa from Shak Shuka, 50euros

And… something lovely & a bit monochrome to hang on his wall... Perhaps a beautiful Jon Klassen print...


indiana's christmas wishes


What every almost-two-year-old requires from Father Christmas...

1. The blanket of dreams to go on her new 'big girl' bed... by Roxy Marj

2. A book that looks suspiciously like it might be about her... Wild by Emily Hughes, £11.99 here

3. The means to dress up like Marie Antoinette in this princess dress... by H&M, £34.99 

4. These rainbow boots that I actually want for myself... by Nathalie Verlinden from Sugar on Snow

5. A Fisher Price record player so she can spin me some tunes during our daily dance offs... available on ebay

6. A new winter hat to keep her head warm whist she plots her next adventure. One with fur ears seems reasonable... 29 euros from Bobo Choses

And... this completely beautiful cherry play kitchen  in which to whip up some treats for her mama, $289.99 from Palumba 

Pablo's Christmas Wishes


What every 4-and-a-half-year-old wants this Christmas...

1. A skateboard, so he can at last join the big boys in the skate park... £74.99 by Dusters California, available here

2. Badass tattoos (sort of)... from Tattly, $5

3. Make Your Own Robot, with designs from David Shrigley, Donna Wilson & others - these are loads of fun and look fantastic... by Laurence King, £17.95

4. Some snuggly thermal pjs, especially these beauties... from Goat-Milk, from $40

5. A Ninja Turtle! Every 4.5 year old really really wants a hero in a half shell... £9.50, available here 

6. Something to wear on his feet that's not school boots or wellies. These Feiyue sneaks are totally perfect... 55 euros

And...anything by Oliver Jeffers

crush of the week

Indiana is getting a new bed for Christmas. We will need a lot of luck and patience once she is released from behind the cot bars, but she is convinced she is a grown up and therefore both confused and furious about plonked in her own little prison night after night…so it's time. The bed is bought, and I've invested in *hours* of very important (& not at all indulgent) bedding research. It turns out there's a bit of a gap in the market for beautiful, affordable girl's sheets that aren't very gingham or covered in ballerinas, but a handful of really lovely designs at the exquisite-but-a-bit-of-a-treat end of the spectrum. There's Lulu & Nat with their magical rainbows and neon butterflies,  and these perfect pink clouds from The Little Baby Company…but then I stumbled upon the ultimate...

Little Cabari specialise in stunning, handmade linens and other children's decor - including the most snuggly looking sleeping animal rugs, and entrancing wallpapers. The designs manage to be both timeless and playful, with hidden little characters and really beautiful colour combinations. They aren't cheap but they are high quality and the stylish, un-faddy design is worth the investment, if you can. Definitely one to watch, and really really want….

crush of the year

It's my birthday tomorrow!! Obviously the best gift going is another year with my scrumptious fam, and an obligatory waffle & strawberries breakfast tower. But here, for kicks, are the presents I'll be opening in my dreams...

1. Love Coconut by Honore des Pres so I can smell like an actual coconut. Essential. 

2. Karen Walker sunglasses because her site is awesome, and I am lusting after about six different pairs. Go have a look-see if you dare...

3. War Is Over! poster  You can download this poster for free in a zillion languages from the Imagine Peace site. Now if someone could just print it for me...and frame it... 

crush of the week

I've been feeling pretty smug of late about not really wanting to buy anything. This is what an excess of sunshine can do for a girl - not that there is any such thing as an excess of sunshine. But then this happened, and it coincided with the sudden season change to rainy cold, and here I am again after things. Prepare yourself. These are so awesome. Having just invested in vile practical school boots for Pablo, instead of the lovely suede ones that Konch deemed completely impractical (ok, he was right, but I haven't recovered), I am keeping all eyes out for the "off-duty" shoes I now have an excuse to buy. French label Feiyue have come to the rescue with these badass tiger sneaks, in collaboration with Milk On The Rocks. £60 (eek!) from the divine Scandinavian Minimall. A must for any rad 4 year old boy...right?


crush of the week...

Peace pants! How can you not love these? Who DOESN'T need a peace sign on their bum?? Guys...? By Go Gently Baby (who have an annoying amount of almost-as-desirable stuff, click on that link at your peril). I couldn't find a UK retailer but you can snap them up for $50 from the marvellous cave of wonders that is Darling Clementine.  

the slate ones, please, fairy godmother...?

the slate ones, please, fairy godmother...?

crush of the week...

Just been sent the Bobo Choses AW 13/14 Collection preview, and already want loads of it. The big sweatshirt dresses are completely dreamy. Might skip the leather trousers though...