Saxon's very first wishes

The imagined desires of my few-weeks-old nephew

1. Lovely, healing, natural bath soak for mama - Vital Touch Natalia New Mother Bath Soak £14

2. Ingenious invention to turn any top into a breastfeeding friendly top - Breast Vest £15

3. A little outfit for the babe that's a bit of a treat for you both - Oeuf NYC Superhero jumpsuit

4. A very first BFF from Polka Dot Club 

5. Nice comfy changing mat, since he'll be spending so much time there - Farg & Form, £38.50

6. No such thing as too many blankets - Zebra quilt by Ketiketa from Shak Shuka, 50euros

And… something lovely & a bit monochrome to hang on his wall... Perhaps a beautiful Jon Klassen print...


Lit up

It feels like it has taken ages for someone to come up with an idea as rad as this. Polaboy take your photo and turn it into an awesome giant Polaroid-shaped LED light installation! Who doesn't need one of those? They are fully customisable down to the cable design. Lightboys, the folk responsible, also make some incredible ceiling light photo-frescoes and huge LED photo light-walls. Very cool. 

crush of the week

I've had a holiday from blogging whilst we had two actual holidays, with some lovely family-wide flu and birthday mayhem in between. But now I'm determined to get back on track - though we have been in the UK two days and already both the squids are up to their eyeballs in snot and I'm spending most of my time fixing hot lemon, cinnamon & manuka honey drinks for them (Indy is most perplexed by these concoctions...)

photos from  The Selby

photos from The Selby

Meanwhile, in my fantasies, I shall be purchasing these dreamy sheets from D. Porthault seen in the snaps of Rita Konig's magical little home on The Selby. I'm trying to hunt them down in the UK - God forbid I have to end up making a trip to Harrods. Also I have discovered they cost an extremely large amount of money and were inspired by the Duke & Duchess of Windsor. Visit the D. Porthault site at your peril - pretty much everything on there is gorgeous and you'll probably end up contemplating selling one of your own children to own a crisp new set of their sheets. Or even just a washcloth.

crush of the week

ALARM....oh so many alarms....the new Mini Rodini collection features a tiger print skirted swimsuit. It's not cool that someone of my age get this excited about tiny swimwear. Also adoring this little t-shirt. Both added to my wish wish wish list.

available from Shak Shuka 

crush of the week

Latest fantasy purchase is this embroidery by Rachel Castle. So simple, and makes me so happy. I want to hang it above my bed for every rainy day. 

She makes plenty more gorgeous stuff besides... all available at

crush of the week...

Alarm - the new Bobo Choses collection is out and obviously I adore it... I can't work out what it is that they always get so right. It's a lovely mix of design and comfort with nostalgia (for me) and genuine childishness. Dreaming of having it all...

It was pretty much impossible for me to narrow my crush down to these six items, the rest is almost-just-as-gorgeous. Available now from Bobo Choses, Shak Shuka and more.

crush of the week...

Thank you magical Pinterest for drawing my eyes to this little beauty. Well, thanks & no thanks - because it's sold out, and I can't much decipher how much it was anyway. But isn't it the dreamiest?? Anything alpaca is always so soft and snug...and the lining! Swoon...

From Japanese shop  Antena .

From Japanese shop Antena.

christmastime: pablo's wishlist part 1

Technically Pablo's wish list can be bought exclusively from the Marvel wall at the Disney store. So this is really the things I want for him (all of these are secretly my wish lists! Sorry I'm not sorry...)

1. Feiyue sneakers - these are so cool! Can't really justify the winter spend as it's going to be too soggy/muddy to wear them till Springtime, but still want them... 
2. Erzi Sardines in a tin - need to up the play-food collection and these are extremely cute. Perfect to go with the toy cash register and shopping basket we got him.
3. Radio Flyer - a girl can dream. I mean a boy can. It's for him, but it would make us BOTH so happy! Have wanted one of these forever... 

no, really...let it snow

Please can i go skiing...or move to a mountaintop...just to have an excuse to buy this for Pablo? I'm in love.

from the ever-covetable Mini Rodini