crush of the week

I've been feeling pretty smug of late about not really wanting to buy anything. This is what an excess of sunshine can do for a girl - not that there is any such thing as an excess of sunshine. But then this happened, and it coincided with the sudden season change to rainy cold, and here I am again after things. Prepare yourself. These are so awesome. Having just invested in vile practical school boots for Pablo, instead of the lovely suede ones that Konch deemed completely impractical (ok, he was right, but I haven't recovered), I am keeping all eyes out for the "off-duty" shoes I now have an excuse to buy. French label Feiyue have come to the rescue with these badass tiger sneaks, in collaboration with Milk On The Rocks. Β£60 (eek!) from the divine Scandinavian Minimall. A must for any rad 4 year old boy...right?


crush of the week...

Bit of a lull in the Crush of the Weeks of late, as I read Hattie's amazing blog Free Our Kids and decided to stop being such a wanter of things! And actually it worked, and I haven't wanted or bought much for a few weeks now. But this blog is a bit overburdened with pictures of cakes and babies if I don't publicly desire some gorgeous stuff once in a while, so I've forced myself to get back in the saddle.  

Ok, so it's another mum and baby matching outfit post. I KNOW - I need to stop. I am not sure it's a good or a bad thing that all of the gorgeous bits of clothing I stumble upon for Indy are magically available in my size too. I've been in love with Beatrice Valenzuela's stuff for ages (and totally follow her rad looking life on Instagram) but just recently re-stumbled across it and remembered how badly I want want want it. All the shoes are handmade from naturally dyed animal skins. I'm all about these ladies' 'Botines' and some hightop 'Combinados' for the kids please. Please?


the little sew and sew


I made some little moccasins for Indiana! It's my first attempt and I'm rather smug about the results. After some wrangling with the sewing machine tension it was a lot less tricky than I imagined. Going to make a zillion more pairs when I can next rustle up the time. Many thanks to my mama for helping to draw the pattern, which was loosely based on one I bought from i think sew about a year ago and have been aching to use since then. 

christmastime: pablo's wishlist part 1

Technically Pablo's wish list can be bought exclusively from the Marvel wall at the Disney store. So this is really the things I want for him (all of these are secretly my wish lists! Sorry I'm not sorry...)

1. Feiyue sneakers - these are so cool! Can't really justify the winter spend as it's going to be too soggy/muddy to wear them till Springtime, but still want them... 
2. Erzi Sardines in a tin - need to up the play-food collection and these are extremely cute. Perfect to go with the toy cash register and shopping basket we got him.
3. Radio Flyer - a girl can dream. I mean a boy can. It's for him, but it would make us BOTH so happy! Have wanted one of these forever... 

out and about

Spent the day in Islington going a bit nuts in a Junior Style sale and getting Pablo some new winter boots. OF COURSE he decided he needed the loo in the childrens' shoe shop. They kindly let him use their staff toilet, but he no longer lets me anywhere near him on such trips and he ushered me out of the stock room to wait for his summons. Some poor shop assistant was trying to enjoy a bowl of soup at the cramped table next to the tiny toilet door. As he hoisted himself aboard the seat I asked how long he might be and he said "hmm, forty minutes?" He wasn't far off. Awkward times shuffling around the shop under the gaze of a humourless assistant... 

Afterwards we clearly needed to indulge in an Ottolenghi pick-me-up. I had some kind of chocolate, banana and caramel tart that was straight from heaven, and Pablo turned his nose up at a s'more, so I had to finish it for him. We also stumbled upon an awesome kids' hairdresser on Essex Rd where the hairdressing chairs are cars and each child is appointed their own personal telly & dvd of choice! If I can bear to rustle up Β£22 (W!T!F!) for his next haircut (our current hairdresser does a pretty rad job for Β£ a far more ordinary chair) he has been promised a trip back there as a megatreat. The proprietress was very lovely/canny and invited Pablo in to trial the chairs when she saw him gazing through the window, drooling...

yes please buy me these

I've spent the entire year thinking I was 32, but having established with girlfriends over drinks last night that I'm only 31 (via some very shaky maths) it's about time I got a decent birthday wishlist together to throw in front of my husband's eyes every five minutes for the next month ahead of the REAL 32 rolling around on October 3rd! PLEASE O PLEASE O PLEASE....

  1. TOP want, these Minnetonka moccasins (in a size 5/38 in case anyone's listening)
  2. pair is not enough. These too... please?
  3. My eyelash curlers are still ones I stole from the beauty closet when I interned at ELLE magazine in 1999. I'm not kidding. My friend Lauren says these by Shu Uemura are the best.
  4. Have been lusting after this Wildfox jumper and it's sold out everywhere....except the US site! NEED!
  5. Loeffler Randall shoes. A girl can dream...
  6. I am dead out of tshirts, tops and anything not eaten half to death by moths. This beautiful top from twostringjane on Etsy would kick off autumn nicely.
  7. I'm DESPERATE to start making my own ice cream, even though it's practically winter... Kitchenaid attachment is a necessity, really.
  8. I love this Zoe Karssen tee! Did I mention I am bereft of tops?
  9. These really are largely autumn wardrobe based for a reason. I don't think my tie dye Ibiza baggies or my still-worn sleeveless maternity jumpsuit will adequately see me through a London November. And neither will my plimsolls. Boots please...