yes please buy me these

I've spent the entire year thinking I was 32, but having established with girlfriends over drinks last night that I'm only 31 (via some very shaky maths) it's about time I got a decent birthday wishlist together to throw in front of my husband's eyes every five minutes for the next month ahead of the REAL 32 rolling around on October 3rd! PLEASE O PLEASE O PLEASE....

  1. TOP want, these Minnetonka moccasins (in a size 5/38 in case anyone's listening)
  2. pair is not enough. These too... please?
  3. My eyelash curlers are still ones I stole from the beauty closet when I interned at ELLE magazine in 1999. I'm not kidding. My friend Lauren says these by Shu Uemura are the best.
  4. Have been lusting after this Wildfox jumper and it's sold out everywhere....except the US site! NEED!
  5. Loeffler Randall shoes. A girl can dream...
  6. I am dead out of tshirts, tops and anything not eaten half to death by moths. This beautiful top from twostringjane on Etsy would kick off autumn nicely.
  7. I'm DESPERATE to start making my own ice cream, even though it's practically winter... Kitchenaid attachment is a necessity, really.
  8. I love this Zoe Karssen tee! Did I mention I am bereft of tops?
  9. These really are largely autumn wardrobe based for a reason. I don't think my tie dye Ibiza baggies or my still-worn sleeveless maternity jumpsuit will adequately see me through a London November. And neither will my plimsolls. Boots please...