Crush of the now


I seem to be a bit fickle with my lust for new things - sometimes there are so many gorgeous things out there that I could post ten crushes a week, but then…nothing…for months. Or I suddenly decide I just don't really want any new things, apart from a very very VERY long holiday in Mexico. So this can become Crush of the Now… for whenever I see something I can't resist. 

At the moment it's What Mother Made - totally handmade and totally gorgeous kids clothes. I had an extremely hard time resisting some of their last collection on my weekly visits to Mother's Hub (E17 folk - beware, if you visit, it's FULL of irresistible small clothing), but these new Spring/Summer bits may be more than I can bear. Little colourful dungarees and crazy pantaloons that are perfect for summertime adventures. Now to find them in my size….

crush of the week...

Thank you magical Pinterest for drawing my eyes to this little beauty. Well, thanks & no thanks - because it's sold out, and I can't much decipher how much it was anyway. But isn't it the dreamiest?? Anything alpaca is always so soft and snug...and the lining! Swoon...

From Japanese shop  Antena .

From Japanese shop Antena.


Autumn has suddenly swooped in! We've had blustery days and cold rain, the leaves are falling... Pablo is finally justified in his almost-year-round questioning of when pumpkins will start appearing outside people's houses. Also a great excuse for some snazzy autumnal threads on the squids... I forgot how well babes rock hats!