rock n roll wedding


My gorgeous friend Kamila got married this Saturday and the wedding was spectacular. Ceremony at Camden Town Hall - described by many as "the most considerate wedding ceremony of the year" because it was lovely and brief but totally moving and perfect. Then a big red bus to take us all to Conway Hall for what was essentially a dream gig. The bride and groom (aka The Dead Flamingoes) played a song together in lieu of a first dance, and then we had the total treat of dancing the night away to Richard, Kamila & Teddy Thompson, The Pretenders, Edwyn Collins and more... It was totally magical, and very champagney, and the squids were left with grandparents throughout. I got to actually dance (badly) with my husband for the first time in about a year. We even managed to trundle unwisely on to The Groucho Club until 4am. Whoops. Things got slightly pear shaped on Sunday when we had to take the in-laws for a Sunday roast on 1.5 hours' sleep, and Konch realised that someone from St Etienne had gone back to Oxford with his suit jacket...


Autumn has suddenly swooped in! We've had blustery days and cold rain, the leaves are falling... Pablo is finally justified in his almost-year-round questioning of when pumpkins will start appearing outside people's houses. Also a great excuse for some snazzy autumnal threads on the squids... I forgot how well babes rock hats!